We hope you can join us in celebrating our marriage in 2022! Please know that your presence is the best gift you could provide, but should you feel inclined, we would love some vouchers from either of the places below to put towards something we will treasure.
Alternatively, if you would like to surprise us with something lovely you've chosen we'd love that too or we have a gift list at the link below, just click the image. xx
Our gift list is via a company called Marriage Gift List,
  1. They have NO partnership with the third party online retailers which sell the gifts, you're buying directly from the retailer, not Marriage Gift List, they just direct you to the website.
  2. As you're buying from the retailer directly, you will need to ensure you enter a correct delivery address. (Please see note below re this).
  3. Ensure that if you do buy something from the list, you go back to the Marriage Gift List and confirm it as bought to avoid someone else buying the same item.
For smaller items it would be really nice if you could bring these with you to the wedding but for large items we understand this could be difficult so if you prefer, please enter our address for the delivery option BUT please let us know the delivery date or that we should expect a delivery to ensure we are home to except it.
Marriage Gift List.JPG