FAQs  Page  For  2022

Is there a dress code
Formal Attire / Dress to impress / Summer.
What should I wear
Think elegant, smart, classy and dressy.
What kind of shoes should/ shouldn't I wear
Although the ceremony will take place outside you won't have to go on the grass apart from having a couple of photos.
Are there any colours that guests should avoid wearing
Other than the usual and if possible dark navy blue.
How do I get to the venue
There are no train stations or bus stops near by, so we would advise that you drive or book a taxi. Please click   HERE   to be taken to the venue's 'How to Find us' page.
What time should I arrive
Day guests - From 10:30am (but no later than 11:30am).
Evening guests - 6pm.
Where should I park
When you drive through the venue's entrance gates, at the mini roundabout, taking a left turn, there are a few spaces available - alternatively there is ample parking if you take a right and follow the road down to the end.
Will I have to pay for parking
No, parking is free for the whole weekend.
Does your wedding have a theme
Not really, being in June the loose theme is Summer, but we just ask that everyone has a fab time.
I am coming from out of the area, where should I stay
There are plenty of rooms available at the venue itself for both the Friday and Saturday night.
If you try and make a reservation and they say they're fully booked, please let us know as we may be able to release more rooms.
There are also other hotels nearby, although you will need to drive from them to the venue.
Please click   HERE   to go to the accommodations page.
When is the RSVP deadline
The Formal Invites will be sent out in March/ April 2021.
​​Are the ceremony and reception locations wheelchair accessible
Yes they are, please let us know if you have any specific requirements.
Are the ceremony and reception at different locations
No, its all at the same venue.
What should/ could I do between the ceremony and reception
Well, this is up to you! There will be approximately 2 hours (depending on how long the speeches are!) between the end of the wedding breakfast and the reception, so, there will be a few more pictures, time for a chat, opportunity for an afternoon nap, more drinks, plenty of games on the grass and lots of space for a walk in the grounds.
Will food be served in the evening
Yes it will.
What if I have a dietary restriction
Not a problem at all, just let me know (if i don't already) and I'll ensure that you will be able to eat and enjoy your time with us with the peace of mind that you're safe from cross contamination or allergens.
Will there be dancing
Absolutely, don't ask a silly question.
Will there be any activities happening that I should know about


Definitely, click  HERE  to find out what, where and when!
What time will the reception end
The fun never ends, however the music has to at the Witching Hour (aka Midnight).
Can I take pictures
Of course you can, as long as you share them all with us afterwards!
During the ceremony though we will have a professional photographer and videographer. We will share with you the video and photos afterwards, so please, during the ceremony, we would rather you sit back and enjoy, not stress about taking a pic or video.
Is there a gifts registry
There will be, this page will go live  HERE  in 2021.
I have a question that is answered here, how do I contact you
Give us a call, drop us an email or, contact us  HERE.
So, for those of you who I know would be disappointed if there wasn't something here;
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