​His Story

I'll let Claire start! ... ...















​​​​​​​​​​​​​And, this is where I take over the Story!

We started going out and it was great, life was good and we were getting on so well. Fast forward into 2015, I already knew Claire was a keeper so I started my plan.

Claire had said during a general conversation that if someone was to ask, no way did she want it to happen in the middle of a crowded restaurant, not her thing. So, what do I do?

As you know, we are big gamers and planned in 2016 to go to EGX at the Birmingham NEC, its a big gaming convention and we were excited to be going, some big games were coming out that we could try, other gamers we wanted to meet were going to be there and so we also booked to stay the night at the Hilton.

I called both Claire's Mum and Dad to let them know what I was planning to do (I'm not going to give too much away with this story as it's part of my speech!) and thank fully they both said yes! Then at the NEC is where I proposed and, obviously as otherwise we wouldn't have this website, Claire said yes.

So here we are. Count down to the big day and can't wait, we have a lot to do one way or another but, it's going to be an amazing, fun and wonderful day. 


Her Story

Well, I guess it all started back in 2011 when Adam and I met for the first time, he lived across the road from my Mum so, at some point, we were always going to bump into each other.


We would pass a polite hello or good morning but we never really got the chance to chat properly as one of us was always dashing off somewhere.


In 2012 we finally got to say more than just hello and we went for a drink and became great friends playing pool or just hanging out. 


In 2014, end of October, I went on holiday to France, hired a car and went from Nice down to St Tropez. It was a really fab break and would recommend that stretch of France to anyone. 


When I landed back at Heathrow and collected my luggage, I went through security but, before walking out of the airport, I put the bags down to find my phone.


Next thing I know, someone has walked over to me and asked, 'can I help you with your luggage?', surprised and little concerned as to who this person was I looked and it was Adam, I couldn't believe it! He had arrived at Heathrow as a surprise to give me lift home.


From there our friendship become something much more and we have never looked back or been happier.

Over to Adam. :-)

Due to how this is written we apologise however its not available to view on mobile devices.

We're looking forward to celebrating our day with you.x